By analyzing the color of your skin tone, you can choose cosmetic colors that flatter your complexion. Peoples’ complexions can be divided into warm or cool colors, based on their skin, hair and eyes.

Download the Miessence skin tone reference document (PDF file)


  • Undertones: Pink or blue.
  • Forearm Veins: Appear blue.
  • Eyes: Greyish blue, green or brown.
  • Hair: Platinum blonde, through to dark brown or black.
  • Ethnicity: Most African, Asian and Caucasians with pale complexions with a pinkish cast and strong colored eyes.
  • Tanning: Easily.
  • Whites: True whites are better.
  • Metallics: Silver or platinum looks better than gold.
  • Colors: In the blue half of the spectrum, from bluish-red through violet and blue to bluish-green. Someone with cool coloration attempting to wear warm colorswill look sallow.

Miessence For Cool Complexions:


  • Undertones: Yellow.
  • Forearm Veins: Appear greenish.
  • Eyes: Olive green, golden brown, hazel, teal or light blue, usually with golden specks in them.
  • Hair: golden or strawberry blonde through to light golden brown, rich darker red shades, or dark brown with coppery highlights.
  • Ethnicity: Warm skin tones range from a light ivory through to peachy and sometimes ruddy.  Warm complexions can blush easily when embarrassed or excited.
  • Tanning: Do not tan easily, and burn quickly in the sun or get freckles.
  • Whites: Ivory is better.
  • Metallic: Gold looks better than silver or platinum.
  • Colors: In the yellow half of the spectrum, from orange-red through orange and yellow to yellow-green. Cool colors on someone with warm coloration will make their skin look dull.

Miessence For Warm Complexions:

  • Honey Translucent Foundation – suits tanned skin types, warm undertone.

Miessence For Neutral Complexions: