Ever since I started using the Miessence skin care range of products, my skin has improved tremendously. I look more radiant and healthier. People have noticed the difference too. I have received many positive feedback from people about my skin. My skin looks and feels great. Thanks ONEgroup for creating these beautiful products.

  • Hi there, I have been a passionate user of your Desert Flower Shampoo and Shine Hair Conditioner for quite a number of years now. Since using these two products, my previous dandruff problem has completely disappeared and my scalp hair are no longer feeling dry and itchy. Thank you so much for bringing this relief and wellbeing to my life this way. Thanks,Lars

  • I have spent this year experimenting with all manner of product from all sorts of brands. I have been living on samples due to my new budget for cosmetics being based on income from casual employment. I have tried all sorts of products this year and some of them really upset my sensitive skin. This week I happened to try out miessence having lunch with a friend, I immediately warmed to the product and bombarded her with questions… this has led me to want to have my own direct access to the product and the excitement of having an online organic shop of my own that friends can access.