Step 1 Cleanse.

Cleansing removes the top layer of dead cells, oil, perspiration and pollution. If your skin is not cleansed properly it becomes dull, flaky and the oil glands block up with dirt and cellular waste, causing breakouts and congestion.  Miessence cleansers are a wold first because we use yucca juice to cleanse, not soaps or detergents.  Yucca juice contains natural plant saponins that gently remove dirt and oils on your skin. 

Miessence cleansers contain organic cold pressed, unrefined plant oils to soothe and nourish your skin, and organic herbal extracts and essential oils to suit your skin type.

You will need:

Gently press the face with a warm (never hot), soft cleansing cloth to open pores and soften the surface of the skin cells.  Apply two pumps of cleanser to the palm of your hand and massage gently into the face and neck.  Remove gently with water and cotton pads.  If wearing make-up, a second cleanse is necessary.  (First one to remove makeup, the second to cleanse the skin). (150 applications @ 2 pumps per application)

Step 2: Skin Conditioner.

Skin conditioning is a vital step in the Miessence skin care regime.  Conditioning has a two-fold purpose; firstly to feed the skin with nutrients in the water-soluble botanicals, organic herbs and essential oils, and secondly, to provide a hydration base for the moisturizer to lock in.  Miessence skin conditioners contain organic herbal extracts and essential oils to suit your skin type.

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You will need:

On clean moist skin, massage 1 pump of conditioner gently onto face, throat and decolletage.  Leave for a few seconds to absorb into skin before moisturizing.  (125 applications @ 2 pumps per application.)

Step 3 Moisturize.

This step creates a protective barrier against free radicals and moisture loss (one of the main causes of wrinkles).  The special ingredients in our unique organic base have demonstrated significant and lasting effects on skin hydration and smoothness, and have shown to actively restore and strengthen damaged skin.  Miessence moisturizers contain organic cold pressed unrefined seed oils and butters to soften the skin and increase elasticity.  Our unique anti-wrinkle olive extract protects from free radical damage and aids in the formation of healthy new skin cells, while neutralizing the effect of environmental pollutants and toxins.  Organic herbal extracts and essential oils are incorporated for each individual skin type.

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You will need:

Apply 1 pump of your moisturizer to the palm of your hand and warm to skin temperature.  Pat and press gently onto your face, throat and decollete. (125 applications @ 2 pumps per application)