Ever since I started using the Miessence skin care range of products, my skin has improved tremendously. I look more radiant and healthier. People have noticed the difference too. I have received many positive feedback from people about my skin. My skin looks and feels great. Thanks ONEgroup for creating these beautiful products

Mark Jance / Facebook

Hi there, I have been a passionate user of your Desert Flower Shampoo and Shine Hair Conditioner for quite a number of years now. Since using these two products, my previous dandruff problem has completely disappeared, and my scalp hair are no longer feeling dry and itchy. Thank you so much for bringing this relief and wellbeing to my life this way. Thanks,Lars

Lars / Facebook

I am a new customer and I am so excited I had to write. In the past I tried many aluminium free and “natural” deodorants and none of them worked. I had given up and gone back to supermarket brands until I saw a recommendation for your deodorant. I simply cannot believe how good it is! Not only does it prevent BO, instead of just masking it with an artificial fragrance, but after using it for only a few days, the red, rough patches of skin under my arms that have been plaguing me for months are already starting to smooth out and go away. I cannot wait to try more of your products!

Chris / Australia